Tired of putting yourself out there and not feeling heard…

Visibility is the KEY to growing your business. IF you want 2019 TO BE DIFFERENT THAN LAST YEAR, YOU MUST…

  • Stop fading into the background
  • Stop trying to be everywhere
  • Stop trying to do it all yourself

Instead, to Stand Out you must:

  • Get expert advice
    • Have a plan.
    • Craft messages that inspire action.
    • Target your audience with media placements.
    • Create premiere events to meet fundraising goals & boost visibility.

We can help you grow your online social media presence, provide event support and help to place your business in aligned media. (can add a few quick bullets… We help clients in 3 main areas – grow your social media presence (1 sentence about each of these)

-nonprofit event management

-media placements

If you are ready to grow, take advantage of our Stand Out Strategy Session.

In this complimentary session, we will:

  • Craft your vision for 2019
  • Uncover the obstacles in your way (it’s not usually what you think)
  • Discover your next few steps.

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